After a transformative career spanning three decades in the region Pam Kelly, General Manager of Park Meadows Retail Resort and Denver South Board Member, has retired. We wish her a fond farewell as she leaves behind her legacy of excellence. Her impact on Denver South – both as an organization and a region – has been immeasurable.

We want to honor her service and express our gratitude for her remarkable leadership. Her career has left an indelible mark on our region.

Excellence from the Beginning

Pam was instrumental in opening Park Meadows in 1996. She brought the novel concept of a “Retail Resort” to Colorado. With her diverse background in shopping center marketing, property management, and development, Pam helped redefine the face of shopping,. She was a pioneer in the Denver South retail market.

With Pam at the helm, Park Meadows has established a reputation as a cutting-edge retail destination. Her ability to curate a unique, strategic mix of retailers and restaurants, and her intentional design of the common areas to facilitate connection and community, set Park Meadows apart.

For Pam, it was not merely about shopping. She also wanted to offer visitors an unforgettable experience. She created a legacy of excellence in her time at Park Meadows. Her thoughtfulness around every detail, down to infrastructure planning and congestion mitigation, along with her community involvement, has contributed to the corridor’s success. This region’s sense of place would not be the same without Park Meadows Retail Resort. This is in large part due to Pam Kelly.

Elevating Denver South

Pam’s commitment to creating a world-class shopping experience has positively impacted Denver South beyond the walls of Park Meadows. Beyond her involvement as a Board Member for Denver South, she has acted as a key advisor for our organization, consulting on marketing direction and strategy. Her insights were critical to shaping the brand we have today.

Denver South CEO Tom Brook reflected, “As a leader, Pam’s passion and dedication inspired all who had the privilege of working with her. Her keen understanding of the region and her approach to growth, development, and innovation helped shape the corridor and our organization. Under Pam’s guidance, Park Meadows flourished, becoming more than just a place to shop. It became a beloved gathering place where memories were made and cherished.”

To Pam Kelly, we say thank you. Your presence will be sorely missed. Your legacy inspires us to strive for the excellence that was a hallmark of your leadership.